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• Education: A graduate or post graduate with an experience in education or
instructional design
• Experience: A minimum of 2 years’ experience working in education, preferably in a
role that involves coordinating courses or instructional programs
• Communication skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and
Telugu. Apart from these two any other language would be an added advantage
• Organizational skills: Well organized, able to prioritize tasks, manage multiple tasks
and meet the deadlines
• Technology skills: Proficient in using learning management systems, other software
tools and platforms
• Soft skills: Good interpersonal skills and be able to work in a collaborative manner with
a variety of people like students, farmers, instructors etc.
• Hard skills: Possessing the knowledge of instruction design principles, knowledge gap
assessment techniques and teaching methodologies. Be aware of current trends and
developments in education.

Job Description:
• Collaborate with the academic team to develop the course curriculum, ensuring that

it aligns with the learning objectives, meets organizational standards, and is up-to-
date with the latest trends.

• Promote or advertise the related courses on all social media platforms
• Develop a comprehensive course schedule that outlines the timeline for each module,
assignment, and exam.
• Ensure that the course schedule is communicated to faculty, and staff in a timely and
effective manner
• Collaborate with the faculty members to ensure that they have the necessary
resources and support to effectively teach the course
• Assist participants/ students with any question or concerns they may have about the
course, and work
• Maintain accurate records of student grades, attendance, and other relevant
• After conducting post-test assessment, Will provide certificates to the participants
• Ensure that records are kept up-to-date and are easily accessible to faculty and staff.
• Work with the administration to develop and manage the course budget, ensuring
that expenses are kept within the allocated budget
• Conduct regular assessments of the course, seeking feedback from faculty staff and
students to identify areas for improvement
• Communicate regularly with faculty, staff, and participants to provide updates on
course progress, changes in schedule, and other relevant information

• Ensure that the course is in compliance with all relevant regulations and policies,
including those related to safety, security, and student privacy.
• Maintaining overall logistic demonstrations.

Salary: Rs. 30,000/month

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